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HunterSynth Bio:

Welcome to the official HunterSynth Website!

First, We are very happy for visiting our site and taking time to read this.

So, HunterSynth is a DJ / Producer genre Electro House & Progressive House, real name Majd Shili, born 17 September 1995 in Tunis.

Majd is passionate about music since childhood, he was interested in every kind of music (hiphop, R&B, Jazz, Oriental Music, Rock ..) but since his teenage years (2007-2008) he was  most directed on electronic music and DAWs

Since the end of 2008, Majd Shili started doing small productions and publish them on the net, and it was named "HunterSynth" by these friends since he started to produce sounds from various noises.

in 2012, huntersynth began attracting lights since its first signing with a label, he realize several towers and animate several parties.

and his goal now is to get his name known at the international scale

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